Sunday, September 28, 2008

Billy Lawrence - Up & Down (Digipak CDM)

Billy Lawrence - Up & Down
(Digipak CDM) (Eastwest) (1997)

01. Up & Down (Radio Version)
02. Up & Down (Instrumental Main Version)
03. Paradise (Album Version)
04. Paradise (Acappella)
05. Footsteps Poem (Album Version)
06. Footsteps (Album Version)
07. Up & Down (Acappella)
08. Up & Down (Dub)


BabyBubba said...

do you mind sharing some of this with me

BabyBubba said...

also whats so funny about billy i actually went to high school with her in st.louis m.o at parkwaysouth sr high. haha i miss her sweet girl

comatisedsoul said...

I love her stuff!
I'll send it to u later tonite.

cliffw said...

Could you possibly share that Billy Lawrence single and whatever N'Dea Davenport singles you have? Thanks, I've been searching for these.

Jason said...

Would you mind sharing this CD Single? I can't find this version of the cd anywhere. I've been hunting for this version for a long time and when I finally purchased the single, it actually turned out to be the 2 track cd single rather than this one.

Jason said...



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