Friday, February 06, 2009

Sa-Deuce - Don't Waste My Time (Digipak CDM)

Sa-Deuce - Don't Waste My Time
(Digipak CDM) (Eastwest/Atlantic) (1995)
01. Don't Waste My Time (LP Version)
02. Don't Waste My Time (Mecca Don Flava Hood Remix with Rap)
03. Don't Waste My Time (Mecca Don Flava Hood Remix Instrumental)
04. Tonight (In The Ghetto) (LP Version)
05. Don't Waste My Time (Mecca Don Flava Hood Remix)
06. Don't Waste My Time (Acappella)
07. Gotta Be Born In


dj fuzzylogic said...

I noticed you're from Taiwan, my family is from there too! Are you from there? Living there? I am a huge fan of Sa-Deuce and was wondering if I might be able to get a copy of their single? I may some joints worth sharing/exchanging. Lemme know!

comatisedsoul said...

Yeah, I'm from Taiwan and it's nice to know your family is, too.
I'm native here and also a huge R&B head. I'd like to share the Sa-Deuce single with you.
Just leave your E-mail and if possible any good stuff u have & I'll try to rip it off for you and send the link to you asap.

dj fuzzylogic said...

Much thanks man. You got an incredible collection, for reals. You dj at all?

Sorry it's taken me a long-ass time to reply, I sort of lost track of things for a minute. But I'd love to still get it if you have time and are willing. I'm super into rnb too -- new, 90s, 80s black pop, probably the stuff I like collecting the most. How did you get into it? You got some great tastes, btw.

I'll try it hit you up a list of things I have. I'm sure you might have a lot of my shit already, but lemme know. my email is


Anonymous said...

Yo dj fuzzylogic, whats up...I was hoping I could trade you a copy of this cd for one from my collection. I also have the "Jodeci-Get On Up (platform shoes remix)" in high quality I could send you a link 2...Peace

Anonymous said...

oh shit my bad, comment was for: comatisedsoul ....Get at me fam...

Freaky-L AKA Grimee Rappuh said...

hey man..wuttup!...dope blog
could you hook me up with dis sa deuce single??here's my email
peace & salute!

NJM said...

COuld you share the Sa-Deuce - Don't Waste My Time (Digipak DM)"? Been looking for it for the longest. I have the Body Knockin' single on my blog.

dmellove said...

Your mail please, NJM?

njm said...

Anonymous said...

WOOOOW how did you find this!?!? I have been looking for the Sa-Deuce Don't Waste My Time singles forever. Can you please share this?

My email is:

Thank you so much for your time!

Anonymous said...

Hello i have been looking for this cd single for years i got it on casset te back in the 90's, the album by sa deuce was really good. Do you think is possible to get the mp3 of Tonight (in the ghetto) cannot find it anywhere, i leave my mail in case you can send it: thanks anyways

ToshiThomp said..., could i get copy of this please?


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