Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Silk - I Can Go Deep (CDM)

Silk - I Can Go Deep
(CDM) (Zomba/Hollywood) (1994)
01. I Can Go Deep (LP Version)
02. I Can Go Deep (Low Down Remix)
03. I Can Go Deep (Mellow Mix)
04. I Can Go Deep (Low Down Remix) (Quiet Storm)
05. I Can Go Deep (LP Instrumental)
06. Birthday Girl by Hi-Five


paulo cesar said...

como q eu faço para baixar os singles do site manda a resposta pelo meu imail q e este

Ty said...

Hi My Name is trell brown, I am a dj and i have been looking all over for this album. My email is and i need this album emailed to me ASAP for a party i am about to DJ at in a couple days


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