Wednesday, February 16, 2011

J. Quest Feat. Pudgee And Pain & Live - Anything (Promo CDM)

J. Quest Feat. Pudgee And Paid & Live - Anything
(Promo CDM) (Mercury/Polygram) (1995)

01. Anything (Album Radio Edit) (Feat. Pudgee)
02. Anything (Album Radio Edit Without Rap) (Feat. Pudgee)
03. Anything (Paid & Live Party Radio) (Feat. Paid & Live)
04. Anything (Jeep Radio Edit) (Feat. Pudgee)
05. Anything (Jeep Mix) (Feat. Pudgee)
06. Anything (Paid & Live Party Mix) (Feat. Paid & live)

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